Writing the perfect Thank You Note

Thank you note example

I adore gifts. I particularly enjoy giving a great gift. I also love writing a good thank you note. In fact, I received a gift from a dear friend just this morning, and I just put her thank you card in the mail a few moments ago.  Writing a Thank You Note is an essential tool in today’s world. It may seem old fashioned, however I believe an email isn’t sufficient. Luckily, the art of thank you notes is quite easy once it’s made into a habit.

The first essential is the paper. I always use pre-made thank you cards from TJ Maxx, because they are usually adorable, and relatively inexpensive. However if you have some personal stationary or favorite card, almost anything will do. The paper can be a way to show your personality, but it should also fit the situation.

The second essential is the content. You should always mention the gift, and how and when you intend to use it. For example, “Grandma, thank you so much for the new necklace, I cannot wait to wear it!”or “Aunt Sally, thank you for you giftcard to J. Crew, I have had my eye on a new pencil skirt, and now I have the perfect occasion to purchase it.”  I always add a bit of personal flair and a compliment to my thank you cards just to ensure people know I appreciate the time and money they put into my gift.

The third essential is the address. Always make sure you keep addresses in your phone or address book to make for a speedy process. If you don’t have a person’s address, just check the box or ask them.

Fourth, and most important is timeliness. I know after a birthday or wedding, sending lots of thank you cards can seem entirely daunting, but writing notes in a timely fashion shows consideration and respect.  I always try to send my thank you cards within a couple of days, but a week and 1/2 is a good deadline.

Hope these help!



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